Jr. Heartlanders and HavLife Score an Assist for One Book Two Book

One Book Two Book would not be possible without the strong support of our community. This year, we are especially grateful to Jr. Heartlanders Hockey and HavLife for their assistance in envisioning a hockey shoot-out rink on the Ped Mall as part of the festival. HavLife’s mission is to seek to Prevent Lost Potential in youth ages 10 to 15 through the support of participation in athletics, music and the arts. The Jr. Heartlanders are part of Iowa City-Coralville Hockey, an association that exists to provide an opportunity for all area youth to develop a love for the sport of hockey.

Members of the Jr. Heartlanders have graciously provided goals, sticks and pucks for attendees to use and Jr. Heatlanders are invited to be on-hand Saturday, Feb. 26 as we skate, shoot and score on the Ped Mall.

A big THANK YOU to Jr. Heartlanders and HavLife for your support!

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