Student Writing 2014


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School Representatives

Caroline Barker, 4th Grade, Horn: “Oh, France”
Evelyn Bergus, 2nd Grade, Wood: A story about a bully and a song
Diego Biggers, 6th Grade, Shimek: “The Red Rubber Duck”
Claire Bockholt, 1st Grade, Central: Diving board adventure
Avery Clark, 5th Grade, Kirkwood: “Ocean Playground”
Natalie Dunlap, 6th Grade, Wickham: “I am an Autumn Tree”
Katherine Geerdes, 5th Grade, Regina: “My Story Started when I was in Canada”
Valerie Gonzalez, 6th Grade, Twain: “The Message”
Caitlyn Hill, 5th Grade, Borlaug: “Strike”
Reese Hill, 6th Grade, Lucas: “Food For Thought”
Thomazin Jury, 5th Grade, Lincoln: “Handless Hook”
Aubryn Kaine, 6th Grade, Mann: “Korra”
Maria Lin, 6th Grade, Lemme: “Void World”
Layna Manjoine, 6th Grade, Longfellow: “A Crazy Invention”
Jessica Moonjely, 6th Grade, Weber: “Life”
Jacob Roling, 5th Grade, Hills: “HELP”
Sushma Santhana, 6th Grade, Garner: “The Boy from the Future”
Alexa Schwartz, 6th Grade, Van Allen: “The Feeling of Joy”
Melissa Uc, 3rd Grade, Willowwind: “When You Go to Bed”
Hannah Vogts, 5th Grade, Penn: “Penn’s Problem”
Karley Whitby, 4th Grade, Hoover: A poem on true friendship

City of Literature-Pearson Award : “The Write Stuff” – judged on language, clarity, structure, and emotional impact

Jocie Bozarth, 1st Grade, Hoover: “The Christmas Day Mystery”
Daniel Burgess, 8th Grade, Northwest JH: “Prologue from Book One of the Veracist Trilogy: BioNet Rising (a novel)”
Harper Denniston, 5th Grade, Longfellow: “The Night the Crickets Didn’t Sing”
Liam Edberg, 4th Grade, Willowwind: “A Day in My Life”
Maren Edwards, 2nd Grade, Weber: “The Ride of My Life”
Muriel Moon, 3rd Grade, Willowwind: “My Cats”
Samantha Saylor, 7th Grade, North Central JH: “The Break In”
Jenna Wang, 6th Grade, Borlaug: “My Discovery”

City of Literature-Pearson Award : “From the Heart” – judged on creativity, passion, and expressiveness

Sophie Ann Dahlstrom, 4th Grade, Wickham: “Snow Globe”
Minou Emmad, 3rd Grade, Willowwind: “The Three Little Sloths and the Big Bad Tiger!”
Emma Gehlbach, 7th Grade, North Central JH: “A Day on the Mississippi”
Mira Kumar, 6th Grade, Willowwind: A story in a forest
Kaden Littleton, 1st Grade, Lemme: “Sparkle Goes Back in Time”
Ginger McCartney, 2nd Grade, Willowwind: A story about Minnie
Leen Mekki, 5th Grade, Kirkwood: “Kids Around the War”
Theo Prineas, 8th Grade, Northwest JH: “Waiting”

Certificates of Merit for top 20 Percent of Student Submissions

First Grade: Madison Mitchell, North Bend; Jaelyn Perry, Van Allen; Amara Ballantyne, Willowwind; Tai Chang Caputo, Willowwind

Second Grade: Ethan Nace, Coralville Central; Malik Wade, Coralville Central; Madalyn Wittrock, Hoover; Ella Gilbert, Lincoln; Jackson Chard-Cuda, Longfellow; Lucy Charis Carlson, Longfellow; Addison Prantner, Shimek; Ridley Hazeltine, Van Allen; Erinn Varga, Wickham

Third Grade: Damien Kim, Coralville Central; AJ Murdah, Hoover; Ella Sherlock, Hoover; Eleanor Dillon, Horn; Aditi Mohapatra, Lemme; Miya Swenson, Praire View; Sydney Wilkes, Shimek; Leila McElligiot-Hasan, Twain; Greta Kraske, Weber; Matisse Arnone, Weber; Emma Peterschmidt, Willowwind

Fourth Grade: Soomin Koh, Borlaug; Zoey Guo, Borlaug; Evan Zukin, Coralville Central; Miguel Cohen Suárez, Horn; Kelly Butcher, Kirkwood; Emma Jo Holmes-Wanlass, Lucas; Sophia Lusala, Lucas; Lucy Corbin, Shimek; Kufre Ituk, Van Allen; Julia Ko, Weber; Sammi Falduto, Wickham; Alex Spies, Willowwind; Isolina Quiñones-Anderson, Willowwind

Fifth Grade: Mason Carter, Borlaug; Perla Dubon, Hills; Carly Norris, Horn; Alice Meng, Lincoln; Ananya Albrecht-Buehler, Lincoln; Nina Meng, Lincoln; Shoshie Hemley, Longfellow; Jesse Hausknecht-Brown, Mann; Ally Poremba, Willowwind; Ira Hazeltine, Willowwind; Penny Wilkins, Willowwind

Sixth Grade: Alayna Arduser, Coralville Central; Quentin Pastore, Coralville Central; Grace Ellis, Garner; Simon Weiss, Hoover; Samantha Greving, Lemme; Brooke Bormann, Longfellow; Paige Rocca, Longfellow; Caitlin Lenz, Lucas; Erin Taylor, Lucas; Benjamin Houselog, Penn; Henry Krain, Penn; Lauren Siems, Penn; Mylee Moon, Van Allen; Sally Rainy, Van Allen; Sydney Halvorsen, Weber; Keshav Raghavan, Wickham; Clive Power, Willowwind; Lila Terry, Willowwind

Seventh Grade: Connie Mendoza, North Central Junior High; Sasha Chackalackal, North Central Junior High

Eighth Grade: Nick Johnson, Prairie Point Middle School