Student writing selections to be announced in February

Nearly 800 students from throughout the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids Corridor submitted writing to this year’s One Book Two Book festival. Those submissions are in the hands of our partners at ACT, where judges will evaluate each piece of writing.

Judges will select a number of students for recognition:

–One student from each Iowa City elementary (ICCSD, Regina and Willowwind) will be selected to read at the Friday, Feb. 24, “Once Upon a Time” banquet that kicks off the festival.

–Grade level winners will be selected from grades 1 through 8 in two categories — The Write Stuff, which is judged based on language, clarity, structure, and emotional impact; and From the Heart, judged based on creativity, passion, and expressiveness — and those students will be recognized at the Sunday, Feb. 26, “Write Out Loud” event.

–Students whose work is deemed to earn honorable mention also will be recognized at the Feb. 26 “Write Out Loud” event.

The City of Literature will contact the parents of selected students during the first week of February, and will post the names of those students on this site at that time.




  1. Titi says:

    I noticed that ICCSD, Regina and Willowind students will be considered.Will students from Heritage Christian school, Hillside Christian Christian schools be also considered if they submitted a writing?
    Thank you