The Secret Coders Society – A review by Ferguson Ward

FergusonThe Secret Coders Society is a fun and mysterious graphic novel about a girl named Hopper who moves to a new town and starts going to a new school.  Lots of kids can relate to this.  At the school, she makes an unlikely friend and finds an unlikely mystery.  It teaches readers how binary code works, and what coding is, while creating an intriguing storyline that grabs the reader’s attention.

The book is a great way to get kids excited for coding.  It explains what it is, and it does so in a simple, easy to understand way.  The author cleverly uses birds with four eyes to explain binary, which I think is a good idea.

The text is easy to read, despite sharing a page with a bunch of pictures.  Speaking of pictures, the illustrations are amazing, and go along perfectly with the story.  The monochromatic images are not at all distracting when you are trying to read the words.

The characters are well developed, and easy to relate to.  Hopper is likeable, even though, at first, she seems kind of mean.  However, she only seems that way because she is nervous.

The school she transfers to is slightly creepy and very mysterious.  The green tint to the images makes everything seem even more strange.  It’s obvious the school has a secret, and it makes you want to find out what it could be.

All in all, the words, pictures and plot go together perfectly to create an enticing story that makes you want to check out book two.  And three.

Ferguson Ward, 7th grade, South East Jr. High